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  • Energizing Flow w/ Ann (45-50 min)

    • You get to make your day awesome! This class focuses on strength, flexibility and balance while adding a flow to elevate your heart rate and burn calories.  Modifications will be offered making this class accessible to all levels. ​

  • Simple Saturday w/ Ann​ (60 min)

    • Come decompress from the week! This class incorporates pranayama(breathing exercises) with a simple and repetitive flow of Surya Namaskar(Sun Salutation A, B or C). Perfect for all levels!​

  • Yummy Yin w/ Ann​ (75 min)

    • Rest and reset for the upcoming week! This class is a gentle, slow, still style of yoga that involves long, passive holds in a series of 6-10 restful poses. You will be supported by props to enhance and deepen your experience and achieve a state of total relaxation and release. 

  • Stress relieving evening w/ Ann or Jen (60 min)

    • Destress from the day! This class is a gentle and slower paced class, mindfully moving and breathing while holding poses longer. You will explore your edge, yet still feel a relaxed and renewed experience. This class is geared towards all practitioners looking to build muscle strength.

  • Evening Vinyasa w/ Jen (60 min)

    • A vinyasa flow to energize the body, clear the mind and put you in the spirit to return to work and face the rest of your day!

  • Restore and Refresh Yin Flow w/ Jen (60 min)​

    • Come out for a mental health series on rejuvenation and restoring which will combine both movements for depression and motivation as well as relaxing and restoring poses to help with stress and anxiety

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