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Heal Intentionally

Come to Anaprana Healing Studio for group classes, private sessions or just some relaxation.

Women Practicing Yoga Outdoor

Our classes are a mix of flow and dynamic postures to get your life-energy moving, while meditative poses help you connect to an inner sense of calm. We understand that a balanced yoga class integrates mind and body to ensure the best results.


A crystal singing bowl session may bring you physical, mental and emotional cleansing, healing and nourishment through intention and the powerful vibrations of the singing bowls.

Private Yoga Lesson

Private lessons are good for one on one focus, proper alignment and catered to the individual's needs.

Pouring Massage Oil

Raindrop technique is an energetic massage using pure, authentic essential oils for a deeply harmonizing, rejuvenating, and relaxing experience.

Reiki Therapy

Reiki is a gentle, hands-on healing practice that supports overall health.  The natural energy encourages balance in the body, mind and spirit.  Balance in these areas are the path to true wellness.  In a typical reiki session, the client lays on a padded table or sits in a chair fully-clothed.  The practitioner then places his/her hands in various positions on or above the body, such as the head, shoulders, stomach and feet. 

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